​​The Law Offices of Charles Kendikian, LLC

If you have a business, you should have a good attorney that stands ready to answer the many questions that arise when running it, because an attorney’s advice can be crucial to your success in this tough economy. Not many attorneys have business backgrounds, let alone 35 years worth. I grew up in a family manufacturing business, and have a wealth of experience in business issues including formation, contracts, corporate issues, employment law, unemployment law, OSHA, patent, workers’ comp, and everything else you can expect to encounter as a business owner. The advantage of having an attorney who has run and owned a business is that the attorney has not only an insight on the legal side of things, but also a knowledge of how they may relate to the business side. I understand that legal decisions need to be made with an eye on overall business success, not just legal success. If you have a business and are looking for an attorney for a specific issue or for general counsel, you should contact me for a free consultation.