​​The Law Offices of Charles Kendikian, LLC

Choosing a lawyer is as easy as looking at the side of a Septa bus or turning on the television in the middle of the day.  Finding the right lawyer is a little more difficult.   I am the right lawyer for you because I offer high quality legal work at reasonable rates,  the best possible client service, and a very friendly, comfortable atmosphere.

High quality legal work– Most attorneys know the law, but there are a wide variety of skill levels out there.  A good attorney knows how to strategize, how to speak and write well, how to see the big picture.  A great attorney does all of this and more with the utmost skill and style, and it comes naturally.

Reasonable rates– I  don’t check other lawyers’ rates, but my clients tell me I’m reasonable, and that’s how I want it.  My years of business experience have taught me how to control costs, and I run a super efficient office.  That allows me to pass savings on to my clients, and that’s a plus in this tough economy.

The best client service– I take client calls day and night, weekends, holidays, whenever and wherever I can.  Many clients come to me frustrated that their prior attorney never answered their calls.  I think that’s wrong.  My clients pay me good money and I owe a duty to be available to them.  I don’t know any attorneys who are more accessible than I am, and I take pride in that.

Friendly atmosphere– Having an issue that needs an attorney’s attention is usually bad news.  My goal is to make my interaction with my clients as relaxed and friendly as possible, to make their experience as pleasant as it can be under the circumstances.  I work for my clients, and would never treat them as though I am more important than they are.  I also don’t treat one client better than another just because their case is worth more money to me.  I treat everyone I deal with politely and with dignity and respect.  That can make the process much more bearable for a client.  You’re going to spend a lot of time interacting with your lawyer.  Choose one you feel comfortable with.

If you need an attorney, please contact me to discuss your case and I hope you’ll agree that I’m the right choice to handle your case.